Vulkan Cydeburner is a mc affiliated with the Factory Faultz movement. His style captures the freedom of writing thought with no bounds to approaching themes such as fantasy, realism and super natural states of being. His first recordings were captured in 2004 and he continues to record material to date with Factory Faultz and friends in the industry.
He has completed a number of group projects and also featured on numerous projects with other artists alike.

To date Vulkan has appeared on records such as:
Phat Few_"Heavyweights"
Madvoodoo_"Unmastered Plaster"
88Fingers_"Boombastik Noid, The War Epic"
Micr.Pluto_"Hybrid Archery"
Sedge Warbler_"Basil Pesto"
Oh! Dark Arrow
He is currently working on a project titled "Okham's Razorblade" with Merigold Venom and various producers.