OmegaZeph is an emcee from jsect who started dabbles in the raps early 2000's jus trawling cyphers and parkjams, never really having felt the grind of studio or stage. It was only in 2005 when she started occupying herself with the towns grime that she met Cap,Dash,Tele Thau and Dee El, forming a part of Black Box. Black Box disbanded, with Thau, Dee El and OmegaZeph forming Murky Depth who over a period of about 5 years worked on the EP 'Murky Depth and Horde' from which came a dope collaborations with emcees and producers in and around the city, as well as OmegaZephs track 'Roaches' which became quite popular and gained a number of positive reviews on the cyberspace. OmegaZeph has performed at a number of shows around Joburg and a couple in PTA and Durban. She has shared a stage with some dope contemporaries, peace to DJ Sistamatic and Dynamic Shapeshifterz, who she now works with to fight pollution and other fallacies under Factory Faultz. Check the space for some new material she is working on with Metal Messiah under various monikers and characters..

Catch OmegaZeph rockin it at Back2Basix 05 October 2013 inna Jsect..