This is the abstract bio
I am a simple introvert who has bug begs for pets and they feed of my dreams/ I don't mind though/ I am anti- izms/ quarantine and encapsulation of anything as this destructs us from broadening/ exploration and finding pink elephants/ with chomp eating hypos/ I am constructing self via lost routes of possible treasure chest waiting in the path of the misrepresented planets of orbit/ I find pleasure in losing self with questions of doubts/ probabilities and the obvious missed truths/ making beats that are incomplete and I hope they will be bettered if not complement the silence of that given time and space/ Experimenting is a word misused/ I go with a blank canvassed ear/ hoping they pick up sounds that talk to me/ decomposing melodies/ rhythms/kicks drums and not so regular syntheses/ I make sounds while trying to keep out of the obvious mathematical scope of patterns/ I live in jazz sounds/ solo instruments that house my asylum temporarily/ and I challenge time with energy pure/ I also write concepts that have me questioning my existence, place and beliefs/ The perfect paradoxical patterns of life that forms the hybrid construction that we live by/ where the differences are the same and beyond that life carries on/ Birds on live wire/ hungry robots with egotistical problems and tall building with plenty of floors/ windows and four doors/ 500 plus people where they manufacture money for the share holders. I am caught up in all that and myself.