Gorg Hihlande aka Liptongue Stylus is a PTA based mc from Sunnyside with a presence that can't go unheard, he is also one of the founding members of the Dynamic Shapeshifters and Factory Faultz production. With a very keen ear and an eager attitude to build himself as an artist he gathered all his experiences and ideas into being an outstanding performance and recording artist. Gorg has a very strong hip hop background and came up around older mc's and producers who had already tapped into the South African underground scenery. From them he gathered a lot of vital information and pointer. His perfectionist outlook on his craft has molded him into a phenomenal wordsmith and recording artist. His style captures a very unique sense of expression, a powerful voice with an un-recycled flow and a totally personal style of writing. Though it's not prominent, his work has highlighted his willingness to shed a new kind of light on listeners and colleagues as he continues to enhance his technique with every record he makes. He has been spotted on stage at numerous spots around JHB and PTA and is steadily multiplying his archive of studio material.
He has featured on records such as:
Untraceable Artifacts
Hybrid Archery
Boombastik Noid
He is currently working on his debut EP which will be announced as soon as it's ready for release.