Figment is a breakout abstract rapper from Pretoria who's about to become a refreshing contributor to the contemporary South African progg-rap scene. His writing style is heavily influenced by the scholars and authors he subscribes to. Having formally studied philosophy and history and informally studied the physical sciences and the arts: he tends to advance arguments instead of narratives all whilst not-so-strictly obeying the form of rap. His early work was as a member of Phat Few an underground street rap crew based in the east of Pretoria then performing under the moniker of Rebellious. Phat Few then evolved into art-rap movement Madvoodoo with fellow members Vulcan Cydeburner, Sliq Tung, Fuzzy Slippers and Disco Izreal. He and Vulcan then left the crew to found AWrinkledPlanet a solely abstract rap crew with co-founders Gorge Highlander, Gash Frekelwhip and Zourd Pixlefeather. He then took a well needed sabbatical from rap to pursue his other interests and has now emerged with a brand new perspective and a refined style. His debut album Mark As Red is currently under construction and should be expected to release by early 2014.