Dynamic Shapeshifterz is a Pretoria and Joburg based progg-rap group founded in 2009 with an insatiable appetite for new ground. They're sound is an amalgamation of their collective influences some of which include underground rap from the late nineties and early 2000's like Atoms Fam, Nephlim Modulation Systems, Darkleaf and others; infused with cross-genre influences such as bebop and avant-garde jazz and contemporary experimental electronica. Having met and formed in art school, their attention to imagery is vivid in their work. Rapping to carefully deconstructed free-jazz inspired beats produced by five out of its seven members; they've managed to create a distinctly recognizable sound. Its members are: Barbarian Monk(Rapper, Producer), Vulcan Cydeburner(Rapper, Producer), Metal Messiah(Rapper, Producer), Steezkat(Rapper/Producer), Human in Construction(Rapper/Producer),Gash Frekelwhip(Rapper) and Gorge Highlanda(Rapper)