88fingers is a beatmaker / producer, associated with the Dynamic Shapeshifter massive. He started makin sounds in his basement after finishing high school as a way to entertain himself and a few audience that came to listen. His style was heavily influenced by fellow crew-member Metal Messiah who at the time had already started crafting beats n off-score experimental interludes. Along with DJ Stanturnintablez aka Easystix The Lyrical Jesterer and The Alliance rapper n producer Bassiq they formed the A-Flux Modulation crew, a beats n rhymes initiative they would get together every saturday at Stan's garage n experiment with different sounds n scribble rhymes n concepts. These groundbreaking years in the infamous flux garage saw the interaction of different elements from graffiti cats to graphic designers to skaters to arts n crafts. 88 would grow solely as a beatmaker n producer. After the break-up of the crew, 88 n Metal Messiah would continue producing while they formed close ties with highschool affiliates Wrinkled Planet (Gorge Hilanda, Vulken Cydeburner n Gash Frekelwhip) n college friends Freebass / Paul is Disgusting (King Debs, Human in Construction n Narcoleptic Nerd). A year later they would form Dynamic Shapeshifters along with Rendu Xorsist joining later. 88 would contribute on production and / or lyrics on releases EPM, Untraceable Artifacks n Hybrid Archery. His producution work can be eared on Untraceable Artifacts, EPM Digger's Stew, SSD (Subterranean Slum Dweller) EP and Boombastik Noid - War Epic. He continues to delve in sounds alongside friends n fellow crew members today..